The 9th Congressional District Republican Committee is made up of Republican leaders from all across Virginia’s 9th Congressional District.  The primary purpose of the committee is to recruit and elect a Republican member to the United States House of Representatives from the 9th District.  The 9th District is currently represented by Republican H. Morgan Griffith, who was elected in 2010 after defeating a 28 year incumbent.  In addition to this primary duty, the committee also assists in recruiting and supporting Republican candidates for the Virginia General Assembly, statewide offices, and other elected positions.  The Committee is headed up by a chairman, who is normally elected at the biennial district convention.

Fast Facts About Virginia’s 9th Congressional District

Population: 656,200 (2010 Census)
Registered Active Voters: 438,161 (February 2017 SBE Report)
Land Area: 8,800 square miles (81st in size among U.S. House Districts)

The 9th Congressional District of Virginia encompasses the beautiful and scenic Southwest region of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Counties/Cities in 9th District

(based on redistricting for 2012)

All of the counties of:


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